Assetto Corsa

In the year 2020 I have created more than 100 cars and 50 tracks as an indipendent content creator for the racing simulator Assetto Corsa, by Kunos Simulazioni. This process involves very heterogeneous tasks.


The first phase is modeling a tridimensional object, which is carried out in a poligonal modeling software. This is usually the most time consuming phase.


Once the model is done, we switch to producing the textures, which are the images that are applied to the model and define the way it will look.


The textures alone can not exist without shaders, or the rules and parameters that dictate how light reflects on a 3D object when it is rendered.


The physics engine of the simulator requires a detailed and strict parametrization of all the values that describe a vehicle or a track, from engine performance to the grip characteristics of a surface. This is programmed via scripts.


All these components need to be continuously tested before the release of the content to the public, to make sure that everything works as intended and the simulation is as realistic as possible.


The testing phase would be disastrous without a well designed pipeline: every step must be optimized to keep downtimes and backtracking to a minimum.